Agape Love Bible College & ALBC School of Theology

"Successfully Helping You Reach A Higher Degree:

At Agape Love Bible College & ALBC School of Theology, we are focused on providing Theological Biblical studies via Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Master in Christian Counseling, as well as several Doctoral degree programs with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Maranatha in Aramaic means that the Lord is coming, so according to Revelations 22:20  "He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus."  So we're looking forward to our Lord and Savior to come any day. Just know that we are located in the Midwest part of this great nation, which is best known for being the Dairyland of best milk, cheese and ice cream. Milwaukee is originally known as a place of the many waters, as built on many waters, pronounced: Mill-e-wah-que , or better known as Rock River. Yes we are a Christian College, as well as grasping true to our Jewish roots in the Word as well, Yeshua Hamashiach is our soon coming Messiah. No place is off limits to the Word, we reach a far as from Kenosha, in the Northland area's and it doesn't matter if your background is baptist or catholic, we have alumni from many different religious groups. We have come and found an agreement Theologically from Judeo-Christian ethics and Christian views. We have worked hard to become an competent Christian educational Bible School for those seeking a "top-10" Bible College as compared to other large Christian universities. One of our best foundations books has been use of "the Hidden Manna", written by Dr. Owen Johnson, who was essential in helping our Agape Love School of Ministry in being promoted to the College level after (10) ten successful years of running as a school of ministry and a school of theology, as well as a school of the prophets. It was in the promotion we could then offer the Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees now, and have been doing so now for 27 years. Dr. Owen Johnson is from Loris South Carolina. We have now updated our accreditation through Transworld Accrediting Commission International, which oversees over 1000 member institutions including schools, seminaries, universities, colleges, and institutions both in United States and internationally. To God be the Glory. Now in our 28th year of operating, we have now added a new accreditation. 

"Transworld Accrediting Commission International is national, as well as internationally accredited for over 30 years. It accredits private schools and certifies private school teachers and administrators. Transworld is a federally recognized non-profit church educational organization.

In 1985, several accreditation agencies approached the U.S. Department of Education to seek federal recognition of their accreditation programs. In response, the Department of Education ruled that they lacked the statutory authority to recognize any accreditation program for elementary and secondary schools.

Recognizing the need for an accreditation association to serve the needs of private schools, the Transworld Since its inception, has accredited schools and colleges for 30 years. The agency continues today to serve private institutions, including early learning, K-12, and post-secondary schools, the Christian education community, seminaries, universities, colleges, and institutes both in the United States and internationally. Transword provides documented evidence of compliance with standards of structure and governance, material resources, policies, faculty, and curriculum. TRANSWORLD's overall purpose is to promote academic excellence and accountability.